Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 139 Vegetablicious

As a reaction to yesterday's processed-white-bread-and-butter fest, today my body has really craved fresh fruit and veg ( plus lots of sleep! ). Thankfully I obeyed this imperative and spent a happy hour at Sainsbury's fondling luscious veggies, drooling over beauteous flowers and generally chilling out walking around the store. My butt has been thanking me for this - it still doesn't feel that happy being plonked on a chair, so maybe some other activity is on the agenda for tomorrow.

I did come home with a haul of exotic cheeses, but these have been stowed in a box with a solid lid in the fridge, and I have given myself permission to eat from it once a day. What I don't see immediately, I won't be thinking about! Well, that's the idea at any rate.

Yummy fruit & veggies for today:
Rocha pear - sweetly perfectly ripe! Score!
Home-made minestrone soup, packed with carrots, celery, onions, borlotti beans, digitali pasta, tomato puree
Four clementines - sweet zingy
Nashi pear - crunchy yummy
Five new potatoes, smashed with a tablespoon of olive oil, freshly ground pepper, seasalt & topped with boiled brussels sprouts (this is my lo-cal version of colcannon)
A harlequin bowlful ( about 2 cups) of chopped peppery radishes, crunchy carrots, red, orange & yellow sweet bell pepper

I guess I've definitely had my five-a-day!

Other eats:
several mugs of chai & lapsang souchong tea with milk
50g chilli peanuts
a cupful of Kettle's sweet chilli crisps
small slices of 5 different cheeses with 6 Ritz, 3 high bake & 3 oatcake biscuits and 15g butter

I've kept a lid on the fats for today plus addressed the calcium, protein, fibre & starchy carbs factors too.

I had intended to have grilled fresh sardines, but fell asleep early evening and woke up craving veg. The Omega 3 will have to wait for tomorrow's lunch.

Today was sunny, I got some fresh air, got rid of some more clutter & junk, and have almost caught up with my work schedule. I'm also feeling a lot less anxious about that project from last week. It is almost out of my hands now, which is always a good thing.

Cool observation of the day: I nearly threw away those sprouts I had for dinner. They looked really sad - black mottling on the outside, browned stems. I don't know why, but instead of dumping them, I gave them another chance and pulled off the outer leaves, and cut of the browned stem bits, and yay! they were perfectly firm and fresh looking underneath. I felt, the whole time I was fixing them, that this could be applied to my life. I'm in the process of lifting off the damaged, mildewy bits, and revealing the essential goodness at the core.


And those sprouts were delicious!

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