Sunday, 2 January 2011

Becoming a joiner, getting slooshy, and sporty activities

Gosh. Really don't know what has come over me. ;) I am, as I've said before, not really much of a joiner. I like doing stuff by myself, I generally feel uneasy in crowds, and am not much better in groups - I either become the mouthy one or I never speak, no middle ground.

Anyway, one of the list of things I am to do, to increase my confidence, and to create a better social circle is to join stuff. I am starting with joining in with Lyn's (Escape from Obesity) Habit-A-Week Challenge. Yes, I know this is in blogland, but it is still joining in. This week's challenge is to drink more water. I've checked out my stats here at the hydration calculator and I am to drink 3.9 litres a day.

At first I was astonished, for my first calculation said 5.1 litres...EEK! But that was without factoring in a possible alcoholic drink (I am aiming to have a nice glass of wine, or a bottle of beer, or a gin & slimline tonic now and then as treats).

So. Daily liquids I already have:
4 mugs of roobios tea with a dash of milk 1600 ml
5 small mugs of water throughout the day 1200 ml

I can up this by drinking a couple of mugs of herbal tea or different tea - I bought some gunpowder tea with mint, rosehip tea, lapsang souchong and chai today, to cover that. :) And one extra small mug of water - hot would be nice, with a slice of lemon, and if I want, my alcoholic treat.

This week is already looking better and better!

Even if I don't do anything else. If I flunk out doing the FBP, I can still feel good about creating a Good New Habit.

On the joining thing, IRL, I'm going to make a list of stuff I like to do, imagine I might like to do, did use to do and choose something off that list. Saturday Art Class might be a good start. That involves getting the bus into town, walking to wherever the studio is and interacting with the teacher & fellow students. Sounds good. Or there might be a pottery class somewhere. Squishing clay sounds like fun.

On the other hand, I was very impressed with Sean Anderson's post today, where he has a video of him at around 400lb playing squash. I am so heartened by that video, because it is saying to me, it doesn't matter what size I am, so long as I am having fun and enjoying the activity. I haven't played squash since I was a teenager.  And it looked like fun. And, for me, the quintessential loner, it has added benefits, I don't have to have someone with me to play. Yay! If I do take it up, and if someone offers to play with me that will be a bonus. :)

Off to write my list now. And eat delicious grapes!

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  1. You know what they say about joiners? ;)
    I kid I kid. I have no idea what they say.
    But I love joining challenges in our community. I believe in strength in numbers. And thank you for reminding me that I need to drink more water. Be well :))))