Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 132 Decluttering

I've been feeling really blocked and miserable for the last couple of weeks, and the degree of clutter in my home had reached quite insupportable heights. Today, I'd finally had enough, and instead of completing a work project, I've cleaned house. And now I feel great, even though I still have a million things to get done for tomorrow for work. I don't mind, because now, I can set to on this with a feeling of expansiveness. All that stuff, that was lurking around, hemming me in has been removed. Well, most of it. My desk is still full of various piles :)

Tomorrow I will be opening all the windows and letting in a blast of fresh air. Re-energizing my home. I've bought an amaryllis to grace the front room, too. It is a Red Lion - very auspicious name!

What is really cool about all this is that I've taken action today, and made a difference, a positive one, to my home life. This will I hope, spill over to positive action in all other areas, like my health, my career and my prosperity. Have been reading all about various feng shui stuff, quite fascinating. Butterflies and flowers, abundant fish, thundering horses, graceful cranes, dynamic dragons, glorious phoenixes - a plethora of imagery. Hmm, might be inspired to create some art perhaps. :)

Have drunk loads of water and roobios tea today. Right now am trying out my gunpowder with mint - it is yummy. I made it in a dainty little teapot I have, and am drinking it out of a pretty gold rimmed bone china mug decorated with fruit . I thought it fitted in well with the idea of abundance and health. Have been to the loo about a zillion times today though :o

Food wise, pretty okay. I've not tracked calories, but have eaten lots of roast chicken pieces, fresh mango, orange & pineapple. I also tried out spaghetti with marmite! Interesting, and worth keeping in mind when there isn't much to plonk on pasta in future. I was planning on broccoli & stilton soup, maybe later when I get bored of staring at the screen, I'll do some cooking to give myself a break.

Right. Time to see if my space clearing efforts have reaped dividends in space-clearing my mind! I'm going to try reframing my ideas about this project. Give it a positive spin to get the creative juices going. :)

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