Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 134 Out of whack clock

I've been working all sorts of odd hours & extended periods this week, so my body clock is completely out of whack. Slept this morning, after working all through the night, and it is NOT GOOD.

So. Am chilling out this evening. Re-charging my 'id' or 'chi' or whatever that innate human spark  is, that is 'me' energy. Am putting work thoughts on hold until tomorrow, and getting to bed early/at a reasonable hour tonight.

Studies have shown that being out of whack from one's normal circadian cycle can lead to depression and ill-health. Definitely a land to avoid!

Apart from my sleep thoughts, I've been reading blogs. I was over at Dr Fat to Fit, and she's posted Spunkysuzi's Question Day, so here's my stab at it. Thanks for the inspiration, Suzi!

1. What have been some of your healthy choices so far this week?

Having veggies instead of pasta/rice/potatoes with my meat/eggs/fish this week. Despite not watching my portions, I do feel better for eating less starchy carbs.

2. Is there anything healthy you haven't been doing or have been inconsistent?? Are you working on it?

Drinking enough water. Am joining in Lyn's (Escape from Obesity) A Good Habit A Week programme - this week is about getting in enough water & liquids.

3. What are you planning for dinner tonight?

I had lamb chops souvlaki style, with courgettes & red peppers. Melon, pineapple & grape fruit salad to follow. Yummy.

4. How many meals do you make sure your having vegetables with?

At least one, usually two. Sometimes all three if I'm being particularly inventive. I really like veggies. Am intending to grow more of my own this year.

5. Do you love to cook? Or would you rather eat someone else's cooking or eat out??

I love to cook. Pottering around in the kitchen is a relaxing thing for me. I enjoy eating out in good restaurants, the kind where there is linen tablecloths & candles, and an a la carte menu...with a lovely companion for good conversation! :) Don't get to do this too often though. 

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