Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mirror Mirror

I've had a bit of fun today, messing around with my make-up. This is significant because I haven't used any for nearly 18 months now. So this is a good sign that I'm getting back my self-confidence and self-belief, that I feel I deserve to look good when I leave the house, instead of looking like a bag lady. I also wore a skirt, and a nice flattering top, instead of my usual shabby old tracksuit bottoms, Tshirt & hoodie ensemble. :) And jewellery! And perfume! Yay! This is how I feel...

Another giggle, did my eyebrows as well, but I think I took a little too much off, so tried evening it up with some black eyeshadow, heh - have given myself Joan Crawford eyebrows! They're a bit startling, being so defined and all, but I quite like them. Hmm, perhaps this year will be the year I wear more slap. A trip to Boots & to Debenhams in order for tomorrow to check out the beauty counter. A new red lipstick is on my shopping list!

Didn't get the bike out after all. Did go shopping. Wandered around for ages, so that is plus marks for activity today. Have picked up lots of yummy fresh veggies, & fabulous fruit, pâté and french bread. I also saw a woman with the most perfect bottom, she should be cast in bronze for posterity! Excuse the dreadful pun! :) I am also noticing men again, which is really great. That means I am finally, finally getting over my ex - hooray!

All in all, a really feel-good kind of day. Tomorrow I am definitely going out again after experimenting further with my make-up stash. I felt like I was painting a picture, and that was a good feeling. Perhaps the make-up brushes will extrapolate into actual paint and paint brushes? We'll see. There is all that rolled up pristine white canvas loitering in the attic...

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