Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day 131 Currant Bun Figure

I just had a look at my calendar, and I've pencilled in dates for being on the Fat Burner Plan - Day 1 is on Monday.  I think if I incorporate my 6 small meals with the ethos of the FBP, this will be a successful start to the year, along with getting myself out of the house for a 20 minute walk.

It is also helpful that I am lacking a refrigerator at the moment, so am unable to zip to the shops and buy lots of tempting stuff to keep. I am thinking here that my 20 minute walk could involve daily trips up to the local green grocers for each day's supplies. :) Now that IS a good plan!

Today I am going to have a dairy day - the last of the christmas festive food. There is a wedge of stilton and a whole camembert in a wood box left. Not much in the way of veggies - only a courgette and a couple of new potatoes. Some leftover prawns, home made mayo...hmm, what can I make... baked camembert with new potato wedges & a wholemeal bagel? Courgette omelet with stilton melted on top? Prawns Marie Rose with the last of the lettuce...crisp sliced apple with a crumble of stilton and a few Ritz biscuits. Might pop up to the supermarket after all, for some fresh veggies to dunk into a bowl of aoïli made with my home made mayonnaise. And perhaps a head of broccoli for broccoli & stilton soup. That freezes okay.

Last night's reading was Nigella Lawson's How To Eat. Now that is a woman after my own heart. She loves food with a passion, however given her beautiful figure, she also practices moderation interspersed with her avowed greed! And probably has an active lifestyle. I think  having her figure as something to aspire too is a good goal, as when I am less weighty I do have a more hour-glass shape. Currently though, I just look like a currant bun!


Just had a GOOD IDEA. I can go for a cycle ride to the supermarket! Win win on all fronts! :)

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