Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 144 Making Good choices

144 is the same as 12x12. Random day fact. Funny what surfaces in a brain's idle thinking, hmm.

Yesterday's Nepalese dinner outing could be a qualified success. For the first time ever, I practiced moderation and good choices in a food area I normally am gluttonous to the point of feeling overstuffed and comatose. My friend even remarked on it! I guess all that reading about stratagems to deal with such food challenges has paid off. Yay!

The food WAS absolutely delicious. I did order some nice stuff, but I'm most proud of the fact I chose wisely. My starter was not deep-fried! No bhajis, samosas or poppadums either. Gosh. Then my entree was yummy, and I chose something that didn't have nuts or cream in it. Double gosh! I chose a vegetable side that was unusual and not carb based (jackfruit's stats from caloriecounter are A-, wow.) I passed on the rice, and ate three-quarters of my very plain naan (very light and non-greasy). I had a pint of my favourite beer - London Pride, and we had sweet lassi to finish, as my friend had had some rather spicy stuff and required de-combusting!

I have no idea how many calories it was, but the main thing was I had a lovely dinner, had a nice time, and came home feeling fine. I like that. So many eating out memories involve coming home and feeling stuffed to the gills and uncomfortable. Next time I go out to a restaurant I'll practice this new method of making good choices.

Today I have been catching up on my sleep. Somnolence was a big feature!

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