Thursday, 13 January 2011

Day 141 Both ends of my candle are melting away...

I have ten hours to create a miracle. I hope I do it. I'm visualizing myself doing it. There's a lot riding on this. Hmm, nothing like a bit of pressure! 2.30 pm, is going to be my finest hour. Actually, what I'm hoping is - by 1pm or 2 at the latest, everything will be done and dusted, and I'm lounging back with a nice cuppa, and a well deserved feet up on the sofa.

At 3.45pm this afternoon, I am treating myself to a massage. I hope it is going to be an aromatherapy one. I definitely deserve it, after the last two weeks of major stress. And I'm also glad I chose this form of self-reward, instead of food.

Another step in changing my habits.

One day, that cuppa and feet up will be after a physical challenge. Something like having walked a 5K. Swum a mile in less than an hour. Cycled 15 miles...

It is exactly 2 weeks to the end of January. Wonder what I can accomplish by then?


  1. 2 weeks?! I haven't done a thing all month long! it's crazy how time flies. anyways, how are you dear? glad to hear you used a massage instead of using food to reward. for me it's a daily struggle not to use food in that way, but i am learning. be well :)))

  2. Hey Alexia, I'm feeling fine now! I like two week things - if I imagine there is an endpoint to stuff, then good or bad, I can handle it. On the food reward thing, well, I still like doing that. But learning to do other treat stuff is fun, especially when it takes me well away from the fridge!