Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day 133 Plodding on, how insignificant little things can become big deals, and paying attention

Gosh that was a strenuous 24 hours. I cleaned and tidied and generally fussed about until about 3 am, before I finally felt ready to tackle that work project. Am about halfway through, deadline for submission is tomorrow, meeting to discuss is tomorrow, going to be another busy night owl. Have to say, it all flowed really smoothly this time, so doing that decluttering really helped.

At least now my wrist has stopped twinging and feeling sore. I was really quite worried about RSI, as my livelihood is entirely dependent on being able to work on the computer using small movements. Big movements and using my other hand more, has helped, as well as creating another good new habit in being more ambidextrous :) Now why does that remind me of frogs??? ;)

My desk is also pretty clear. I've moved those months old tottering piles off it, and it now holds just my computer, the radio (essential for work!), my current project paperwork, some pens, the phones, and a nice shiny stack of empty writing pads to pour out my thoughts into should I feel the need to scribble or doodle...

I'd put some little tea-lights in glass jars out on the mantlepiece last night. Bright lights are supposed to add to 'chi'. Well, in my clearing out, I had this small bit of paper with an important number scribbled on it, and for some daft reason I wanted to burn it. Dropped it into one of the tea-lights and it just sat there, doing nothing. I forgot about it and carried on with what I was doing. About half an hour later, there was an odd noise, a little 'guffing' sound, and I looked round. OMG there were great big flames coming out of this little jar! Eeek! First I moved everything that might possibly catch fire, then blew on it (urgh! DON"T DO THAT IN FUTURE!) and when that didn't work, got a plate and covered the mouth of the jar. No oxygen = no flames (THANK YOU, SCIENCE CLASS!)

Panic over, huge clouds of smoke in my living room, all the windows wide open in the middle of the night, I reflected on this incident. Any small thing that is done can have much bigger consequences down the line depending on the circumstances.

I could have burned down my house had I not been vigilant and paying attention.

I could take a lesson from this, tossed all the candles and never have tea-lights again. That might be a prudent course. It is also overly reactionary, overcompensating for the incident. What I chose to do, once I had calmed down a little, was:

Move the remaining tea lights to an area that had less combustible objects nearby.
Continue enjoying the beauty of them, and replacing them as they burned out, safely. ie, not dropping in odd bits of paper...

Moderation, in a word.

I can apply this to whenever I go off course, and eat a bit too much, find myself in a place where my body tells me it feels ill from what I have been stuffing down it. Instead of resolving to never eat that foodstuff again, I remind myself that a little bit will be okay. That I just have to watch my portions. Be vigilant and pay attention to myself. That way, I will be able to deal with any little conflagrations that my body presents me!

I'm going to try putting in a video link - I love this woman's voice. So uplifting.

Going to go get the rest of my tea now, have to catch up on my liquids intake.

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