Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day 142-143 Winding down

Friday, 14 Jan, was probably the most stressful day of the year so far, and all the days so far these last two weeks have been majorly busy. I managed to get the project sent off, not quite to my preferred standards of finish, but definitely enough done that the next stage will make its deadline. Phew.

Today is Saturday - 3.30 pm UK time, and I've had a lovely morning pottering about and generally returning to normal life. This evening am out with a friend to sample Nepalese cuisine. Going from the allotment's Nepalese contingent's delicious offerings last summer fĂȘte, this is going to be a very spicy experience!

Last night, my aromatherapy massage was a very interesting one for me. Second ever massage in my life, and I think, something I will be indulging in on a regular basis in future. My therapist used an oil scented with ylangylang, vetiver and ginger, none of which I am familiar with, but all scents I liked. I also discovered I have an extremely ticklish back! which made for an amusing few minutes while I tried to get over my giggles!

When I got home, after a spot of tea & a sandwich, I conked out for the next 12 hours. Body was definitely catching up on its zeds. Feel tonnes better today. Tomorrow am back at the allotment. It is mid Jan, and time to get the beds dug in with compost and perhaps get some broad bean seeds in. There are those Aquadulce Claudia seeds I got last month lurking about somewhere.

Ever since I started utilizing a few Feng Shui principles, I have found I am much more aware of my surroundings, and am much more likely to do stuff as it comes up, instead of putting it off. I like this. Life seems easier and simpler somehow, even including my last two work heavy weeks. Heh, I wonder if that will apply to digging as well? ;)

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