Friday, 7 January 2011

Day 136 Splooshy Slooshy

It is raining cats 'n' dogs out there. Real cat & I are ensconced in our comfy, getting tidier house. Hmm, the tidiness has backslid somewhat, eek! My new fridge arrives tomorrow, so it is going to be a slightlymanic evening of shifting stuff and dismantling.

I've decided to keep the various plastic & glass bits of my old appliance, because I reckon they will make excellent pigment spreading surfaces and holders for all my arty paraphernalia. :) I can already visualize myself rolling out ink on those nice clean glass shelves, or perhaps making a wax resist drawing and litho printing it. :D Heh - lots and LOTS of scope for sheer messiness and experimenting and just having fun. F-U-N.

Ahhh. I do like that word. A LOT.

I guess I am pretty lucky really. I have a great little attic space that is just big enough to be my studio. And it has a proper north facing skylight too. No water up there, but we can get that sorted with the help of a friendly plumber.

I'm a tad euphoric, no sleep, and more deadlines and work quotas to finalize. Mainlining, and eating loads of carbs. Sigh.

I was examining my figure in the mirror. Not a single sign of that old hour-glass left. :( I am totally and reprehensibly round. Never mind. Currant buns are cute too, and even currant buns can go cycling, and walking, and swimming. And if a fantastic brother can, he's bringing me a whole bagful golf clubs to go whack down at the local golf club this spring. If not, then I'm getting myself a putter, and a No. 7 and taking self off to do some serious walking and get me some fresh air.

Okay, time to rejoin RL, and do some work.

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