Wednesday, 25 August 2010


My life is like the locked garden in The Secret Garden. Overgrown, neglected, left to run to seed, choked by weeds.

Recently a friend came and helped me realise part of long cherished dreams in my real back garden, and the improvement to my quality of life has been quite miraculous. Just by the addition of a path & seating area, and elimination of choking brambles and ivy.

So, I thought paying attention to my physical self might be a good start elsewhere in my life. And for the past couple of days I've been reading weight-loss blog - A Deliberate Life, a very inspirational story. She quotes Yoda from Star Wars - "Do, or Not Do. There is no Try." as her inspiration. Hence my start today to exercise every day for a month. And being mindful of what I am putting in my mouth for the next 30 days.

And I feel good despite a sore back!

Exercise: 1 mile walk; 32 laps in 25m swimming pool (that's half a mile!)

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