Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Okay, it has been 6 months since I last stepped on the scales. The beginning of September 2013... Between then and now I have been battling quite severe depression, moodiness, hot and cold flushes, cranky aching joints, inexplicable muscle stiffness - aha, maybe I might possibly be going through the menopause? !!! eureka moment for me once I realised that was what was happening.

Most of last year has been pretty miserable for me. Even having my mum come visit for a couple of months during the summer didn't swing me out of my funk. But these last couple of weeks the clouds have been lifting - both metaphorically and physically. The rain, which has been almost ceaseless for the last couple of months has given way to the odd day or two of sunshine and clear skies. Temperatures are still nippy, but just being outside in the sunhine has been so invigorating.

So. Getting down to business. Today's trip to the pharmacy clocked me up to over a mile of walking. Yay! And I now tip the scales at 351 lbs (that's allowing for all the clothes & shoes I had on today which I weighed separately when I got home! - hey, I KNOW that is obsessive but every little loss counts!)

The good news is I have managed for the first year in many, to keep my weight stable! In recent years my trend has been to put on between 10-20 lbs every year... so I am enormously pleased with myself.

The next few months will bring me many changes - I will be doing a lot more walking around, and a whole heap of swimming. Time to take some measurements this week, so I can see my progress 3 months down the line later this year.

But for now, I am going to sit back, enjoy my lovely cuppa and pat myself on the back for my success at standing still :)

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