Thursday, 6 March 2014

Doing more in little chunks

Yesterday, my fitbit tells me, I clocked up just over 2.7 miles of walking. I am SO pleased with myself. Over 6,000 steps...

I gave up my car last year, and getting to places I normally wouldn't think twice about is much more of an effort, and quite often I would finesse it by having stuff delivered instead of going out myself and getting it. Witness grocery deliveries and the postie and me being on very good speaking terms! But yesterday, I had a parcel waiting, and because it needed to be sent on somewhere else PDQ, I bit the bullet and planned myself a little day of getting there, getting home, repacking my item, and getting to the post office to send it off. To reward myself, I arranged to meet up with a friend I hadn't seen in a while at a local café, so score as well on re-integrating myself into society. :)

I won't lie. I did take the bus because otherwise I would have been doing far too much at this point for me. As it was I had to stop occasionally to get my breath back, but again, I did it. All exercise is good in my current frame of mind. When I am fitter, I will think about the quality of that exercise :D oohh am quite looking forward to going to a dance class or some activity a few months from now. zumba? aqua-aerobics? a small hike? A smorgasbord of choice awaits!

While I was out yesterday, on the way to the café, I noticed some very cute little watering cans, in bright yellow and red. They have been occupying my dreams last night - perhaps there is some potential there for artistic endeavor. I am imagining them filled with strawberry plants. Or painting ladybirds, flowers and bees on them. Trying out some traditional barge designs. Or at the very least,  sending one as a sweet little present for a small person I know. Along with a packet of sunflower, nasturtium and bean seeds, and a matching rake and trowel. Of course, all this necessitates another little trip, and some walking miles for me... it is nice to find life interesting again.

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