Friday, 14 March 2014

Scaling new pinnacles

It is interesting that on days I have done a lot of walking around, that my appetite is greatly reduced. I guess that is because I am so tired!
Today's personal mountain conquered: my fitbit tells me I have done over 10000 steps today - !!! Now, that is absolutely amazing. I did it over several little trips throughout the day with frequent stops so I didn't tire myself out by doing too much.

A trip to the surgery this lunchtime then back home for lunch.
A trip to the dentist this afternoon and back home via the shopping centre.
A trip out to my local pub with a friend for the first time in a year and back home after a sociable evening over a single pint.
Then a few extra steps walking about the house as I was so close, 9600 steps when I got home from the pub. :)

I've checked my calories for the day too, and even with having a pint of beer AND steak & chips for dinner I am still under. And I've had plenty of fresh air, interacted with the rest of the world and been sociable. Marvellous :)

A Very Good Day!

I am very grateful that my local council puts in benches here and there. Having a short rest has really been helpful in my wanderings today.

I kept looking at all the cyclists zipping past. I am SO looking forward to being lighter and more in control of my muscles in a few months so I can get back on my bike. That's going to be me this summer...

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