Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Jill walked up the hill...and trotted back down again!

I am slowly getting activity back into my everyday life. Today it was foregoing the bus in favour of walking up the small hill to the doctor's surgery. Go me!

Helped that this afternoon it was warm, sunny and dry - with a little hint of smoke, which got my mind wondering about that rather than thinking about the steepness of the road I was walking up. It isn't far, less than 1000 steps acording to my fitbit, but it is a little steep towards the last part.

I made it, with a few strategic stops to give myself a small breather of a few seconds. Keeping my pace slow and steady too, so I was giving my lungs the chance to keep up with my leg muscles :)
And then I walked home, via the pharmacy, without stopping once. :D
All these little wins. Reclaiming my life. So good.

Doc is pleased with me. My BP is lower, he is glad I have maintained instead of gaining (my usual pattern for the last few years) and apart from coming back for a blood test to check my sugar, he doesn't want to see me for a few months, hooray!

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