Tuesday, 10 June 2014

High blood sugar and infections

This morning's blood glucose reading was 7.2 mmol/l. Certainly higher than I want, but thankfully not so high as it could have been, so I'm good. Illness causes stress, and stress can elevate blood sugar readings.
I have a pretty bad cold - sore throat, coughing, gritty eyes, blocked ear canals & sinuses & lots of feverish episodes (sweated buckets). Am still trying to keep as much within my low carb directives, but eating fat and protein is not palatable at the moment. Fruit seems to be what I crave, so fruit is what I am eating. And soups, and stews, courtesy of my lovely Mum. Chef is ill, so Mum is back in the kitchen, bless her.
My life has now narrowed down to lying down in darkened rooms, coughing, sneezing and feeling sorry for myself. This will pass, and hopefully next week I will be back in the pool.

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