Tuesday, 1 July 2014

British Summertime

I am back in the UK, and currently the weather is being gracious. Sunshine, minimal rain, temps in the low 20s. So this is good.

Am still recovering from the flight back and the jet lag, my sleep patterns are still a little all over the place. Catching up with all my medical tests, not so great, but walking to get them done, great :) The route up to the surgery is a nice one, lots of pretty plants to look at and during the morning the sunshine is ace. It also features a little bit of a slope which is still a challenge for me, but good for my heart function and lung function. Today I also went to the library, but since I was feeling a tad tired from not having any breakfast, (on account of doing a fasting blood test) I shelved the shopping till tomorrow.

I've a nice little list of NSVs too :)

My pants and underpants feel looser and much more comfortable. I can wear my XXXL T-shirt without stretching it at the bottom to fit over my hips. I can step into the bath without worrying about creaking noises from the tub. I can walk all the way up one flight of stairs using both feet instead of doing a step/rest/step/rest action. Losing 22 lbs since the start of March 2014 has given me so much more physical confidence in my body. I don't think I am snoring as much. I find it easy to get up from my ultra low sofa! And best of all, I no longer feel like a overstuffed sausage :)

I'm looking forward to an awesome summer of walking about, gardening, fixing up my house and getting fitter and healthier :)

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