Saturday, 26 November 2011

The road is long...

Yep, this road is long, and wearying, but I am getting better at it as I go along. Soon, perhaps I might be able to see successes instead of just feeling them.

Tracked food intake every day this week again. Made some less than good eating choices, but what is great is that they are all down there, along with the better ones. My new learned behaviour: I am eating with my eyes open. Yay for me!

Scale news

Still hovering between 23 st 8 and 23 st 11. The good news about this - it is a hold :)

Moving more

I got in 2 teeny tiny short walks this week - 5 minutes is all I can manage before back pain & creaking knees start. Both walks were done on sunny days. I'm taking it slow and easy into this mostly because I want to keep mobile. After each of these, my knees hurt terribly, but the upside is, there seem to be less of the wierd knee dislocatory pains. I think my muscles are now doing their job better and saving those brave joints! Also spent a couple of hours wandering around a supermarket. Gold stars to me! Doing stairs is still a bit of a gingerly effort, both coming up and down, but I am doing this at least 3-4 times a day - all good.

I am looking forward to the day I can walk a whole 30 mins again with ease, and walk up or even run up the stairs again. And a swim session can't be far off now that I'm feeling less tired after exertions, yay.

I love it - incremental improvements :) It is making me smile.


  1. "...eating with my eyes open."
    I like that phrase! And it's so true. I'm tracking too... calories. And it sure makes you aware when you write everything down.
    We are learning and changing as we go... progress, not perfection.

    Yay us!

  2. Hey Loretta, thanks for dropping by :) Today's another sunny day and I am looking forward to my few minutes out in the sunshine! Reminds me irresistibly of that saying - every great journey begins with a single step...