Sunday, 6 November 2011

Go me!!

SW seems to be getting better. Have been tracking food intakes for over 5 weeks now. This is my 2nd week of Slimming World principles and 5 days out of 7 ate well within my version of this eating approach.

Here's my syn count. I'm interpreting the SW approach to be a little more liberal for me - 20-25 syns at the top end. Most days I have 2 HEA (calcium healthy Extras) and 2 HEB (fibre Healthy Extras) for optimum nutrition, and I get to eat I'm taking supplements -
Evening Primrose Oil
Glucosamine sulphate (for my creaky joints)
cod liver oil
a multi-vitamin with iron
co-enzyme for energy boost.

My water drinking is still low, averaging 3/4 a litre, but it is getting better. I drink 2-4 mugs of tea a day too.

29 Oct - 4 Nov
SAT - 20.5
SUN - 18
MON - TUES  hmm - scads of emotional eating going on here, plus I went food shopping and bought lots of nice things which I 'HAD' to eat immediately. Must look into this phenomenon and find think about the 'WHY' of it, to LEARN from it and make better choices in future. I am really pleased with myself that I documented every thing I ate all the same. Yay me!
WEDS - 15
THUR - 9.5
FRI - 10.5

Success rate this week 71% !!!

I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF. Way to go, ME!!! I am doing SO WELL!!

Still creaky, and slow, but am feeling lots better. I made it into the garden this week, it is being taken over by triffid nasturtiums. They are such cheerful flowers. Hope they self-seed for next year.

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