Wednesday, 23 November 2011

...I'm still trackin'...

and that's the truth :)

Between 12-18 November I counted syns most days this week too, even when it reached into the 3 digits! I am pleased to say that despite all the trials & tribulations of last week - urgent work stress, the electricity mysteriously vanishing for a whole day, creaky painful knees, I am still plugging away. Butter, oil & processed foods consumption still low, but have been eating chocolates, a lot. Guess I must be needing the phenlyamines!

Scale news
Still hovering around 23 st 8 - 23st 11. I'm going to count this week as a no gain no loss.


  1. Brava for tracking! Some weeks the scale just won't move (wow, do I know!) no matter how "good" you are on plan. I think that is one reason monitoring is so important. You can look at your intake and realize that you probably are losing fat from your body even if the scale isn't registering the loss.

    Stick with the dark chocolate. I usually stay away from all chocolate, but if I limit myself to 80% cocoa or higher, my carb craving does not get stimulated. The Lindt 85% bar is something we keep in the house for a chocolate fix.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Jan!