Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Spring clean!

I tackled the clutter again today, kind of like I did 6 months ago when I revamped my house to utilize some feng shui principles to help me energize my home and lifestyle.

I've re-subscribed to the swimming pool, but have yet to get up there. Perhaps tomorrow will be my maiden swim (again!) - work is quite demanding this week, lots of deadlines and little time to create everything that has been asked for. I am in the business of achieving work miracles however, got to keep my reputation up :)

Food today has been really good:
bacon & scrambled eggs on one slice of buttered toast, and a slice of toast with butter & lime marmalade
loads of cups of tea
a couple of pieces of buttered toast with pate, lettuce & tomato for lunch
more cups of tea
a couple of home-made scones with butter & blackcurrant jam,
plus lots more tea and a nice conversation with a friend who dropped by (I sent her home with a couple of the scones!)
dinner was two slices of toast with a tin of sardines in olive oil
250 ml cider

Veggie-wise I haven't made my 5 a day, but I have eaten normal portions of everything which is great. I think scurrying around the house with the damp duster & the vacuum cleaner has done me and the house the world of good. I've been occupied, active and busy - ergo no time to think about food.

Yesterday was very tired after long work day and feeling morose, so dinner was pate on toast with lettuce & tomato plus a big Twix and a whole carton of sour cream & chive Pringles. I don't feel guilty about that though I am concerned that I ate so much salt & preservatives. Maybe I've gotten the junk food craving out of my system for a bit now and can concentrate on eating good-for-me foods for the next few days.


  1. what I try to do is eat healthy from Monday to Friday. Like strict 8 cups of water, lots of veggies, low fat, low sugar, high fibre, meals every 3 hours, etc.

    then I eat what I want on the weekend. Not pig-out but I'm more moderate in my eating habits. By doing this, i don't go cold turkey and get still get to eat the stuff I like. I also find I tend to enjoy what I'm eating more because I'm savouring it. Maybe it might work for you too?

  2. Hi AP, that sounds like a good plan. I do usually eat good foods - just too much! I'll give this a go, thanks.