Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Checking in back into the real world

I've been awol for the last couple of weeks - lost in the fantasy world of fiction. I do this from time to time, when I get down and cannot cope with stuff - just check out of real life and disappear into a book :) In some ways it is quite like an addiction. I read novels rather like I used to chain-smoke! However this time I am noticing that I am checking out, and tell myself that the real world IS waiting, and when I am back it IS a good place to be. Foodwise in the last two weeks, I have over-eaten, and am back up 4 lbs. Some of that might be natural fluctuation so I'm not going to worry about it.

So yesterday I finished Book 5 of Earth's Children - The Painted Caves. Engrossing story and it inspired me to try out a different method of cooking. Instead of frying my onion and then making a stew, I imagined being some Pre-Historic cook, and boiled everything all at once. The rosemary lamb & lentil stew turned out great, and as a plus I didn't use any oil at all. Next time I make this I will use leaner meat and see if it is just as tasty.

This morning I saw a job ad which I'm thinking about applying for. All my insecurities are rearing up right now, all my negative self-talk. I'm going to spend some time working on those issues with some EFT and positive thinking this morning, then I am filling in an application. Don't ask, doesn't get after all. The worst that could happen is that I get a rejection letter and I will be in the same situation as I am now. But the best, I get an interview, and the job, and a whole new work situation, new people to interact with and a great new reason to wake up every morning!

Back on the fresh start every day theme: I'm starting good this morning. Little successes every day contribute to the good feelings that I want to continue. The kitchen clutter is finally conquered! And breakfast today is fresh melon and grapes. I might have some weetabix later on. If I feel hungry. Goal for today is to drink plenty of water and go for a walk. Oh yes, and to check back into this very real world!

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