Friday, 30 October 2015

Hey, where has that rear view gone?

Woot! Found the tape measure and got my measurements done.
I am 8 inches smaller around the bum, and 2 inches small around the waist since May last year. :)
I also notice that my arms are smaller. I do have bingo wings, but hey, I don't care. It feels so good to be able to squeeze into clothes I haven't worn for years. Am now wearing XL T shirts. Woah!
Got to start working on the work outs! Build some muscle. Retain that nice curve, and rebuild some bootliciousness.

Oh yeah, and am loving myself a little more. First ever attempt at a french polish manicure. Next time I will follow instructions!

Checking out uni's now. Seaside towns are on my list...going to try to be a sailor if I get into uni elsewhere from here. And here, there is dinghy sailing nearby after all. First though, need job, need lodger, need car. I do miss having one now.

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