Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Floating in a sea of uncertainity

First couple of days at college...and I am literally muddling my way through. Everyone else is in the same boat though so I need not be so worried. Tomorrow is Open Day at the local uni, am moseying up there to see what I need to do to get in there.

I think, keep my mind open, read the assignments, make notes, watch the videos, do some planning, some reading around and be organic about the whole thing and I will find it will come to make sense and be more straightforward. Right now, my mind is kind of blipping around not quite knowing what to do. Have to establish a routine.

Hmm, perhaps the anxiety is because I gave up the job that was killing my feet and have yet to find another... AHA! :) Yup, that is it. So, focus on finding a good job, preferably one that will help me get to uni!

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