Saturday, 23 January 2016

Gain and lose

So I got to spend Christmas with my mum, courtesy of my wonderful bro - yay for excellent brothers everywhere.

It was a lazy, easy, relaxing, happy, joyful and connected time. My relationship with my mother has improved so much. I really get her now, and truly appreciate her as an adult, and see her as the wonderful inspiring lady she is and has been all along. Just as a child, and a teen, and an angry adult with issues, I couldn't do that. But now, yeah, big respect. Major hugs to you Mum! xx

Spending time in the tropics was wonderful. Not so wonderful was the continuation of the less than stellar eating habits I redeveloped since working at the bakery. Eating junk as well as real food meant I put back on a stone. Shocker, when I got back in early Jan, and found that out.

At least I got in a good dose of Vitamin D. And since starting back on HFLC (high fat low carb) my knee, ankle and hip joints are less creaky and loose, my back pain is intermittent, and woot, I have lost 12 of those reloaded pounds :) It has been just under two weeks. So I am very pleased. My current weight is 20st 13.

Next week is a blood test, and soon as they can manage it, a diabetes review. I am guessing my HbA1c (whatever does that acronym stands for??) won't be that great, as since last July I have eaten far too many carbs and loads of sugar.

I am pleased though. I didn't get a cake last week, by saying to myself that "Sugar is Poison to Me". That works, mostly. It is going to be a hard slog, just like quitting cigarettes, a lot of backsliding. Helps though that HFLC is fat satieting. I get to eat meat, fish, fat, dairy, eggs, nice veggies and occasional fruit and occasional chocolate. So it isn't all bad. And if I eat the occasional bit of bread, rice, bircher oats, that is okay.

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