Thursday, 28 May 2015

Spectacular May

Its official: I have lost two stone since the beginning of the year. Awesome!

I'm now just 5 lbs away from breaking through that 300lb barrier into the two hundreds. Yay!

On holiday this week. Giving my feet a well deserved rest from toting my heavy body around.
Brave things. I've developed plantar fasciitis which is rather painful, but will hopefully go away the less I weigh, and the better care I take of my feet.

Standing and moving around all day can't be helped, it is part of the work I do for 4 and a half days a week. It is good to be occupied. And one of those days is volunteering which I do enjoy.

The swimming has taken a back seat for now. I'll be getting back into that once I am back to foot fitness or something approaching that. Or...if I manage to get back on the bike :) That is what I have promised myself - that once I weigh less than 300lbs, I'll get the bike sorted out and start cycling around again.

On other fronts, things are moving! Got a place at college this Sept, just have to sort out the funding. Been on a half day shadowing an OT, that was illuminating. And let me see that this was a job I could definitely see myself doing. So my fears have been assuaged for now. The only things that aren't going so well, but are chuntering along slowly is my dating life, and getting the house shipshape. It will happen, I'll just have to strategize and will it into being :)

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