Thursday, 12 March 2015

Go ahead March

Well, March has proven to be pretty dynamic so far.

I'll be starting as a volunteer, for one day a week. So now I will be doing useful things instead of moping about at home... :)

I've just landed a part-time job, working with food. A good active kind of job, where I will be using my body the whole time instead of being stuck in front of a screen. Plus meeting a whole new cross section of people. :)

And the bathroom scales inform me, I am now 22 stone 13 lbs.... :D
Absolutely excellent news. Have lost 5 lbs this one week.

Have started swimming again. And it is a nice long walk from the bus stop to the pool, so that factors in asa well.

So all in all, everything is looking up.
Lots of training days this month, and then April will be all systems go.

Still have to sort out the house, but given all the go-ahead vibes pouring over me, I have a feeling all my quotes will be coming in soon. :)

Yes. Feeling very good.
Doc is pleased with me. My blood pressure is down. Still high, but the trend is down.
164/91 from 168/109.
My blood sugar readings are mostly around the 6.1 to 7.4 mark. But that is because I have been eating carbs lately. Best to get back onto the low carb/high fat routine and that will settle. All that exercise will help too.

Roll on summer!

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