Sunday, 23 November 2014

1800 calories HFLC - weekend start

I track food, calories and macros over at MyFitnessPal, which has been ultra helpful in showing me just where I need to concentrate on improving. High fat, low carb has worked for me recently, getting me a 19 lb loss over 3 months, so it is worth doing. Going back to eating carbs was a mistake I paid for with feeling bad, feeling out of control and stopping my exercising vibe. Hmpf. So I'm booting them out again, except for one day a week when I will allow myself to eat anything I like without calorie or carb restrictions. With my altered tastebuds and now hopefully more shrunken stomach, I'm sure of a good result and trust myself to be reasonable with this. If I do overindulge, it is just one day.

Since I'm being mostly sedentary, I've decided to give myself a boost on the weight-loss path with a lower calorie allowance. 1800 calories is do-able and allows me to have decent sized meals and no guilt. I'm big enough that I will lose easily on this even without exercising - which currently I don't seem to be able to make myself do as yet. (it's that agrophobia thing and a general reluctance to leave the house - must do something about that)

Sat -10 am and have already eaten half the new daily calories! Well, have to start somewhere. Macros good so far.
Had chicken with mushrooms in sour cream sauce & lovely crunchy red radishes for breakfast - who cares about conventional breakfast food :)

I counted 3 snacks as lunch - 4 whole walnuts (cracked open and the nutmeat taken out as nuts SHOULD be eaten, not guzzled easily from a plastic packet...), 95g of nice mature cheddar, then another 4 walnuts.
Still raining, rain expected over the whole weekend.
Must get out and do some snipping. Rose bush is growing while I skulk in the house...
Did not emerge from the house. Must do better with the exercise. People coming by on Monday, so house cleaning & some garden tidying might be a good idea.

7.30pm Had black pudding, fried eggs and fried streaky bacon for dinner. Have now used up all my 1800 calories. Now to drink water until tomorrow or midnight :)
Macros at this point: 67.5% fat, 25.3% protein, 4% carbs
This would be a good day in Dr Bernstein's book. Am going to try incorporating a few more veggies tomorrow.

Yay! Did good yesterday! Managed to keep to my 1800 calorie limit, rah rah rah! No snacking between my last meal on Sat and this morning. I drank some water, and slept at a decent hour.
Also, even though I didn't hit the 135g ideal macro for protein, I did eat decent protein at every meal - had lean chicken, nuts, cheese, eggs and bacon.
Didn't wake up with a headache this morning too. A big plus day :D :D

noon - made a early lunch since I didn't have breakfast. Too busy chortling over my success yesterday. Lamb loin chops from the butcher at Tesco, lots of fat as well as meat, yummy, pan fried in a little ghee. Tossed in the shredded red cabbage, a couple of tablespoons of white wine vinegar to counteract the fat, sour cream and water to make a sauce. Delicious.
5.30pm - nearly half a day's calories still to eat. Carbs so far: 15g

Update rest of day later.

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