Saturday, 24 May 2014

Feeling cranky

It's Saturday and I am feeling cranky. I ascribe this to not going swimming, eating carbs beyond my allotted higher threshold and snacking while indulging in my worst vice - late night reading! Lack of sleep can be laid at that last activity...perhaps my hormonal cycle plays a part as well. I'm normally quite even tempered but this last week I have been quite cranky and short-tempered with everyone!

The thing I can fix quickest is to just go swimming everyday, no matter how short the time. The pool and that water always makes me feel happy. Of course my happiness is at its highest if the pool is empty and it is a sunny day, but I will no doubt be feeling good just dipping into that lovely vat of blue for half an hour of moving my limbs in a vaguely swimming fashion. Note to self: attempt the pool everyday. The worst scenario, the pool is full of kids. The best, I arrive at a time they're all at lunch and I'm only sharing the pool with a few adults and their babies :)

Carbs - well, I've been letting sugar, starches and grains back into my menu that's why. If I get more strict about root veggies, starchy veggies and stop eating grains & sugar again, my carb count will go right back to sub 100g again. Maybe keep some veggie sticks for snacking on instead, so I get good carbs. Use that beautiful pesto we made last week with some home made mayo or sour cream dip for some healthy fats.

The reading is a habit I managed without for nearly a month. Perhaps doing some walking indoors listening to music will help me sleep, and save the reading for daytime hours. My sleep pattern has been erratic of late, got to sort that out. So much better to be awake from dawn than snoozing the coolest prettiest part of the day away. Dawn here is around 7ish anyway, so I'm not talking super early.

As for my hormonal cycle, I just wish my body would get on with it. Exercise definitely helps, and so does eating low carb, moderate protein, high fat, no added sugar, no gluten.

Intellectually I know all these things, and physically I know they all work well for my fitness and health. But sometimes that siren call of wheat, sugar and especially sweet wheat sugary food gets overwhelming. Good thing then that I have that 80% 20% rule. Today is in that 20% of eating just what I want, so perhaps that sort of eating has been contributing to my crankiness.

Ah, so good to vent into a blog about all these things that racket around in my brain. Some of it makes practical sense, others are just cathartic to remove into words.

OK, may be time to put on my sandals and just go for a little saunter around and build up some Fitbit steps. That way when I tuck into that yummy bread & butter pudding for dinner tonight I won't feel quite so cranky tomorrow!

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