Thursday, 22 May 2014

Awesome Mums and being the one mile swimmer again

Yesterday I did it. After 4 days of inactivity because weekends I don't swim, was too tired Monday due to lack of sleep, and Tuesday it rained heavily all day, I was itching for some swimming. Yesterday the sun shone. And shone. And shone. The pool was beautiful, blue, and I was down there early, 10.30am. So I got in and swam. I swam my usual 40 lengths/1 hour. Then I thought, let's do another 10. I have this little trick of marking the limestone tile at the far end with a wet handprint at the end of each alternate 25m. So I counted 5 handprints. Then I thought, the sun is still shining, it is hot, the water is so cool and lovely, I want to stay here. So I did another 10. Beginning to feel a little tired and hungry. Again I thought I've done 60, might as well do the next four for a mile. And I did. I marked each end lap with a double wet handprint. It was sooooo satisfying! And I was totally chuffed to bits. :)

I've swum one mile!

Compared to me of 2 months ago, who could barely manage walking 100 yards without having to stop for a breather or to unkink her sore aching back, the me of today is totally bouncing with health. I can walk continuously at a slow but steady pace for over 45 minutes without any back pain. I can swim 40 lengths continuously easily and happily. And I swam a whole mile yesterday. Awesome. Just awesome.

Today I swam 44 lengths. I've noticed that I am now marginally faster, another bit of awesomeness for me :)

And I have just one person to thank for all this: my lovely Mum, who has encouraged me in my low carb high fat diet, who is always supportive even when I fall off my chosen path and who is always here to listen to my rambles about diet and fitness and who has even to adopted some of my new eating habits and is feeling better for it.

Here's to awesome Mums and being a one mile swimmer again.

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