Saturday, 19 April 2014

Making pancakes and not eating them

This is a first for me, making food I like yet not eating it.

Today I made pancakes for breakfast. Heresy! Wheat alert! Nope. These were banana and egg whizzed together with some ground almonds and fried in dollops in a greased frying pan. They were yummy - sweet and fruity. My mum tried a couple and said she wouldn't mind eating them again. Quite high carbs though - 23g of carbs for 9 small pancakes. An occasional treat for the future.

Later in the day I made a whole heap of buttermilk pancakes for my mum. She's the only person who will be eating them. I had a sniff at the finidhed product, and they are lovely, fat and squishy. She's having some for breakfast tomorrow before going to church.

I thought about eating one, but luckily, I desisted. So this is now me in my third week of eating whole foods, paleo -ish, carb low for my diabetes. I have had some breadcrumbs in aubergine parmigiana and around some tuna fishcakes, but apart from a little rice at the beginning of the month, a potato now and then, roasted sweet potatoes a couple of times, and Indian Dosa (Thosai in Tamil, a lentil & rice crepe), mini pasta in minestrone, and one pasta meal, starchy stuff has not passed my lips.

I'm sleeping better, I feel more energetic in the mornings, and now I am getting used to it, I find I don't miss the carbs really. So all is good chez moi at the moment.

I would like though, to be able to get myself weighed and see if I have lost any lbs. Fingers crossed!

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