Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Carb counting

Yesterday, my carb count was 88g - 16.7% of my total calories for that day. Result! My other macros were 138g/ 53.6%, protein 160g/30%, fiber 12g (a bit low)

This is a vast improvement on some carb counts from the previous 3 months! My body is feeling much better now. I seem to have gotten over my jet lag and the attendant water retention - I can SEE my ankle bones again, and some veins at the top of my feet, yay!

Drinking lots of water too. Yesterday was the first day I drank anything resembling caffeine too - some green tea at a local mall café where I ate 3 chicken satay sticks, some cucumber and a tablespoon or two of satay sauce and watched my mum eat a slice of truly decadent chocolate cake without a qualm! Yes, truly! I found myself admiring the beautiful slice but not wanting to eat it myself. Goodness, WHO IS this woman?

I find now, after 10 days of actively downsizing carbs, I have become very sensitive to the sweetness of food. I relish that found in fruits, but don't like it in other stuff, eg some meatloaf made by another family member which was drenched in tomato sauce and to my mind and palate, quite unacceptably sweet.

I've also managed to keep my mitts of Mum's collection of sweeties and snacks. Amazing! I am so astounded by my current behaviour I am in awe. As an example compare these two stats exactly 3 months apart. I'm currently pursuing a low carb high fat ideal with paleo/primal principles in whole food eating.

9 January 2014
(high carb, low fat MFP recommended macros) The overeating was my own idea... This was a day I ate a lot of bought bread and sweet pastry products and ate a lot of butter with it. Ahem.
9 April 2014
After two weeks of actively consciously choosing NOT to eat sweet stuff, breads and starchy foods, and to eat more protein, veg, good fats like olive oil, butter, nuts.

My blood sugar done on a random test yesterday with my new monitor was 5.9 mmol/l. Again, awesome. I feel better, I hope I have lost a little weight, going to keep this up, and keep that carb count below 114g for this month.

Here's to more awesomeness from me for the rest of April! :)

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