Tuesday, 11 September 2012

getting moving again

My lovely sister visited this weekend and came bearing gifts! The best kind, non-fattening! Groovy shower wash that smells fab, all citrusy and full of get up and go to wake me up in the morning, and a nifty gadget to encourage exercise even when I'm sitting down.

This nifty bit of kit is a stationary cycle that I sit on a chair, or lounge on a sofa to pedal. Handy to get in a bit of aerobic activity when I would ordinarily be quite still. 5 minutes here and there all adds up :) Plus it is all good practice for when I can get back on my bike again.

I'm also doing a bit of strength training again. A few upper body exercises with some 1 kg, 1.5kg and 2 kg dumbells, some sit ups and leg raises, and a couple of lower body exercises. I read somewhere that strength training helps with bone density, and can decrease the possibility of osteoporosis.

Been out and about as well - to the garden centre, to the local shopping mall and pottering around in the garden. From being pretty much inert to just ambling about is a great improvement. I am certain all this activity is contributing to my positive mood.

Looking forward to next weekend. My athletic friend is coming to stay. He has signed up for an IronMan Triathlon in Henley, so I'm toddling along to cheer him on. Henley is a pretty town, so in between I'll be doing a little exploring, and getting in even more exercise!

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