Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ambling around Henley

Well, I calculated a 2.5 mile amble around Henley during my efforts supporting my friend on his Challenge Henley Triathlon last weekend. Heh. He did very well, doing the whole course in just over 13 and a half hours, his first ever triathlon, and first ever swimming race - that's a 2 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle ride and a 26 mile run. That man has HUGE stamina and simply amazing GUTS. I only hope one day I can do a mini triathlon to emulate his determination. A great friend to have, showing me by example that anything can be done if one makes the effort.

Logging food intake continues, although eating well has gone a little awry recently. Still every day is a new beginning, and every day is a new challenge. I will get the hang of this eventually, so I can trust myself to treat myself well.

Raspberries coming thick and fast from the garden this week, yum. Been pottering around in there, enjoying the sunshine and the activity. Perhaps this Sunday I'll do another little amble around another pretty place. All movement is good.


  1. Wow. No wonder you're so proud of your friend! That's amazing. It's on my bucket list to do a marathon (let alone a triathalon - I'd never make it!) I'd settle for a 5km charity walk even. Haha.

    I'm down 5lb this month myself. Like you said, everyday is a challenge but we'll get there! p'-'q

  2. Holy shizz - that's an amazing time!! I can't imagine swimming 2 miles!

    I agree, it doesn't matter what movement you do, just move! :D Hugs!