Sunday, 23 October 2011

A little less creaky!

It's been three weeks since I started being more watchful about what I was putting in my mouth. Keeping the food diary has been really helpful. I did have a rather nosh-tastic day yesterday, but I figure, well, today is another day, and today I have eaten well, and kept more or less to Slimming World principles, so I'm very happy.

Another positive thing I noticed is that my knees feel much less creaky. I feel much less like I'm about to explode out of my skin too. Yay! And now my poor bathroom scales are attempting to figure out my weight instead of going instantly to 'ERR' !! Heh. I'm so looking forward to the day it tells me it can read how heavy I really am.

My doc is on holiday this week (school half term) so I'm not seeing him till the end of the month. Hopefully by then I will finally have a handle on this eating better & wiser, and have figured out some of the whys of my emotional eating. I am also considering joining a Slimming World Group - there is one near me. In the meantime I am studying all my old SW magazines and getting myself accustomed to the thinking.

I'm still loathe to go their recommended fat-free dairy products route - ff fromage frais & quark are really yukky tasting. So for now I'm teaching my palate to prefer half fat creme fraiche instead, and using much much less oil & butter in my cooking. I'm seeing this as retraining my taste-buds and laying a foundation for my future healthy eating self for the rest of my life. Perhaps later on I will find ff fromage frais delicious...!

One drawback to all this veg, quorn & fibre is windy tummy. Eeek! Must find a solution to that.

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